Al cabo de N mensajes parecidos, decidí poner una de las blogs de wordpress al servicio de esta causa, y monté una blog bajo el titulo que aparece en esta página. Como aún no me había enterado de cómo iba la parte de “Pages”, el texto en que me vendía cual si fuese una moto lo puse como entrada del blog.
Ha pasado un año y medio, casi, encontré un lugar razonable en Londres, en parte gracias a estos métodos, y no quiero tirar a la basura mi autodescripción (aún); pero no tiene sentido que siga ocupando un blog entero. Su sitio es… pues entre las páginas junto al Home y el About, ahora que ya he aprendido a usarlas para colocar en ellas un cuentecito (“A Falta de un Dato”).

Wish to spare myself repeating the same message over and over…

February 26, 2007 by balqui

Hello. My name is José L Balcázar.

I plan to stay in London from early march to late june 2007, and plan to try to find a room in a shared flat. I would like to have it from sometime around march 7th but am ready to pay the whole month if necessary. I will need to contact, probably, several offers, and to describe myself to each and every one – which I already started doing, in fact, when I tried to find a room far too much in advance a few weeks ago. Thus, trying to get my own self-description public here might be handy.

I am a Spaniard, male, 47yo, currently single but having had a 16y relationship, with two lovely kids (girl 11 and boy 14) as main consequence. Mathematician, university professor, will be visiting University College for the period mentioned. GSOH. High priority to enjoying good moments in life. Easy to go on with, communicative but not overtalkative, ready to shut up whenever convenient, nonsmoker (except that every now and then, say, once every few months, I may light up the odd cigarette if the opportunity warrants it); enjoy the occassional alcoholic drink, for instance when sharing a nice conversation or socializing. Main motto: keep learning forever!

Perfectly aware of all the tasks and responsabilities of a shared dwelling. Extremely respectful with all feelings, opinions, and ways of life, no matter how different from mine. Able to go on both on Windows and Linux ;-)

Interested in all manifestations of human communication, from glances, through conversations, up to art and creativity of all times. Very reasonably fluent in English (rather, american… sorry…), mother tongue Spanish, can speak also French and Catalan, un po d’Italiano, und ein bischen Deutsch (just very little), and love to hear and (occassionally) invent jokes in all of them. Sometimes simultaneously.

Sensitive but not oversensitive, with a useful rationality dash when convenient. Main hobby is music, amateur keyboardist (a quite bad one, for lack of practice), interested in music theory and composition in (almost) all styles, belonged to a R&R band for ten years (which provided me with the gift of some 50 live shows from which I learned a lot, and not only music). Secondary hobby is fencing, an amazing sport. Bookcrosser since 2002. May develop suddenly, with no forewarning, instantaneous interest for any of the human endeavors (languages, activities, social events…), or drop the interest equally instantaneously. But not always.

It is unlikely that the children come to visit me in London — rather I will be coming back to Spain every few weeks. However, it is more likely that a friend from any of various places might show up for a brief visit every now and then.

Someone said that my main negative trait was my difficulty to acknowledge my negative traits, but this is wrong: I have none! Just kidding, I invented the whole story. Well, at least, I am not telling you my negative traits here since the purpose of this post is to convince you that I am the best flatmate you will find for this price in town, and hide from you my temptations of workaholism (sp?), and get you forget that you will be in search of a flatmate by the end of june again…

At the moment I am in Saint-Etienne, France – which makes it nontrivial to show up for a nice conversation and to meet in person and see if we reach an agreement about my joining your flatsharing offer. But I am open to discuss all sorts of alternatives, from a flash visit if I find a lowcost flight, to a phone conversation on standard lines or on Skype. But I do not have a webcam, sorry.

My usual (low-traffic) blog is linked to from the Blogroll; of course, from there you can proceed to other friendly blogs. I have also a half-personal, half-professional web site but it is in heavy need of rebuilding – well, just search for me on Google if you wish, but really the web site needs that I invest some effort urgently.


One Response to “My own description – for flatsharing purposes”

  1. Nat+ Says:

    I like it, especially the point that you don’t have negative traits… 😉


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