From Universidad de Cantabria

January 15, 2009

All the best from my new office in the Facultad de Ciencias, from a desk that is, conceivably, older than myself,  much more robust, marvelously large, a real university office desk like I never had before. You need to be in a good old Facultad to find such pieces of furniture, at UPC all desks are pretty new and, the newer, the smaller, and the less robust.

Not the best view from the window but at least there is a window (two years ago at UCL there was none). And rumors that someone retiring and a general office permutation may be coming, with the potential of improving my window view.

Every day the few local LSI-and-friends people meet at the cafeteria at 11. If you want to have your cup of coffee quiet and alone, just avoid that hour; if you feel like socializing, just drop by. I like the scheme. They say that monday (I was not here yet) rained cats and dogs the whole day, but my day-and-a-half here so far have been sunny, not too cold, and warm at heart, meeting both known and new lovely people in different ways along the whole day. Some minor headaches, but truly minor in that one or another solution could be found.

The best possible start for my journey here!


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